Meet the VUE Software Team at LIMRA 2018


As a regular participant at the LIMRA Distribution Conference for Financial Services, VUE Software is very excited by the theme this year: “New Rules of Engagement—The Future of Buying and Selling, focused on the future of sales in our industry.” This is a customer-centric model where “The ‘new’ client-advisor experience is one that emphasizes precise, goals-based advice, meaning advice targeted to the individual at the right time, and delivered with mobility and transparency.”

 As a customer-centric company, we look forward to hearing how members of the industry view this topic and we’ll be sharing some of our insights garnered through our industry and client experiences. VUE Software is an active annual participant in this conference because it gives us the opportunity to hear from and interact with industry players on a personal level. This conference also allows us to share information about our innovative distribution-modernization software for the Life & Annuities insurance segment.

Please visit Table 18 to meet the VUE team and pick the brain of our thought leader, John Sarich, who coined the term Distribution Modernization, and penned today’s new white paper entitled “The Evolution of Insurance Compensation Will Shape the Future of Insurance.”

Excerpt: The challenges in compensation are becoming more evident as the insurance industry transforms itself into the one-stop financial supermarket for all types of insurance. With the demise of independent insurance more than slightly exaggerated, the compensation and management of agents is of vital importance for carriers from all industry segments. Compensation practices are emerging that are using better technology to enable, for example, highly variable compensation to reward agents who go after targeted markets. But make no mistake; insurance is now and always has been on an evolutionary track that continues to respond to the Nexus of Forces and in doing so, shapes the future of insurance.


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