Making Insurance Distribution Easier with Systems Integration


Modernizing your distribution management platform can be daunting – it can be difficult to even know where to begin! An important factor to consider when making this change is choosing a technology solution that facilitates automated, seamless data exchange through integration with other applications. With the right integrations, your distribution management platform can be more useful than ever – and make your life easier.

Compliance made simple


Integrating your platform with NIPR’s Producer Database (PDB) enables you to retrieve producer information on demand. You can also run bulk producer biometric information, Company Appointment Reports (CAR), Company Specialized Reports (CSR), PDB alerts, and appointment and termination processing (where allowed by the state).

Key benefits:
o Increased productivity, decreased cost
o Reduction/elimination of paper
o Real-time information
o National verification of license and status
o Web-based access
o Single source of data vs. multiple state websites
o Uses national standards regarding electronic transmission of licensing data
o Faster turnaround time, including real time in certain states


The Office of Financial Assets Control (OFAC) administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions in support of U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives. Financial services providers—such as banks and insurance companies—are required to check all individuals and entities against OFAC’s lists to ensure compliance. There are serious penalties for non-compliance, so carriers are willing to wait weeks for clearance to mark producers as ready to sell. Integration with OFAC allows onboarded entities and individuals to be compared with OFAC’s watch lists in real time and flags any matches.

Key benefits:
• Minimizes false positives requiring review
• Ensures all transactions are fully compliant with the latest OFAC rules and regulations

Make background checks a breeze


Integrating with these background check vendors speeds up your go-to-market time with a bi-directional sync that allows you to send information on newly onboarded producers and quickly receive an electronic report which includes criminal history, employment verification, education verification, identity check, credit report, bankruptcy, drug screening, fingerprinting, and international screening.

Key benefit:
• Meet regulatory compliance for appointments/licenses in your state

Keep track of all your documents

OnBase and ImageRight

ImageRight and OnBase both allow businesses to store documents in a centralized repository. From the point of capture through final disposition, information is efficiently and securely managed.

Key benefits:
• Easy access to documents and information
• Secure document storage
• Consistent user experience

Swift and secure signatures

DocuSign, eSignLive, and SignNow

Integration with these vendors helps organizations automate the process of signing legal documents. Multiple documents can be organized in the system and users can login and sign at their convenience.

Key benefits:
• Improved customer experience
• Determent of legal disputes with the most comprehensive audit trails in the market
• Increased contract speed in terms of capturing agent/producer signature
• Enhanced security- the software automatically detects even minor altering and records more data points than paper

System integrations can simplify and speed up many tedious processes. When modernizing your distribution management system, choose a technology provider that will allow you to take advantage of all the benefits that integrations have to offer.

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