LIMRA Distribution Conference for Financial Services (2017): Learn How to Handle Disruptors in the Insurance Industry


The Life Insurance and Market Research Association (LIMRA), and an international research, learning, and development organization established to help members improve their marketing and distribution effectiveness. LIMRA provides companies with retirement, insurance, and distribution insights and analysis. With  850 members from 70 countries LIMRA’s conferences deliver current industry developments and trends to their international audience.

LIMRA-1-blogVUE Software is an active participant in LIMRA and regularly participates in the LIMRA Distribution Conference. Participating in the LIMRA Distributon conference  lets our team interact with attendees and others to  get first-hand information on the challenges facing insurers. VUE hares valuable information on the latest distribution technology as well as emerging compliance issues that LIMRA attendees need to be aware. The VUE team, comprised of  industry and technology experts who are aware of the challenges and disruptors in the industry, demonstrate, for example,  how process automation can improve agent life-cycle management.

To learn more about the digital-transformation revolution in the industry, stop and see the VUE Software Team at the LIMRA Distribution Conference for Financial Services, March 1–3 2017 at the Harbor Beach Marriott.


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