IT Certified professionals – Adding value to VUE Software Clients


I recently came across this article by Erik Eckel, who delves into the need of IT certification for prospective professionals and their career growth. His observations are right on-target, especially in light of recent employee cutbacks. Many companies have taken to slashing employee numbers to counter cost reduction. It seems only a few future minded companies such as FedEx have been thinking and executing differently.

While Erik’s article focuses on employees who are improving their qualifications and vis-à-vis becoming more permanent fixtures at their companies, we at VUE Software have noticed a direct correlation between hiring certified personnel and providing high efficiency, fully-integrated products to our clients. I’d like to recognize the success BlueCross BlueShield of Vermont (BCBSVT) has achieved with VUE Compensation Management, our Incentive compensation product, as evidence of this opinion.

This article in Windows® In Financial Services Magazine states:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont is already seeing the results of a strategic IT investment: so far, its compensation management system has helped it to streamline operations and has lead to half a million in savings. Another $2 million in savings is expected over the course of the implementation.

Developed on Microsoft .NET Framework, VUE Compensation Management has developed a solid platform that enabled BCBSVT to decouple broker commissions from insurance premiums, reduce manual interventions by 97 percent and go paperless with broker commission statements. Read the article in the magazine for the complete report.

Our insurance industry expertise and technology proficiency, with over 80% of certified professionals company-wide, and nearly 100% in technology positions, helped us to tailor the VUE Software suite of products to suit the exclusive requirements of various insurers. Click here to download the recorded BCBSVT case study webcast.

These results reinstate the fact that certified professionals make a definitive positive impact on company processes, be it within their own company or companies who use their services. Today,BCBSVT has gained due to the overhaul of their incentive compensation and agent management capabilities. I encourage you to contact us and see how our expertise can positively impact your organization as well.


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