How an Insurance Specific CRM System can Transform your Businesses?


The Insurance business is very different from any other corporate business. Not only is it distinct in nature, but it’s a highly regulated industry, requiring a system that is secured in the way information is stored and distributed. The insurer and the agencies must follow laws and regulations specific to our industry. So why aren’t that many insurers and agencies using insurance-specific CRM systems? Most non-insurer corporate companies rely on CRM systems to retain customers by using collected data to customize products and services. They know that serving the customer first is crucial to growing their network of business leads and increasing sales. However, insurers and agencies continue to rely on the old product-based-standpoint ideology rather than focusing on the customer relationships needed to grow their business. This brings me back to my point: insurance is about trust and security. Having an insurance-specific CRM that has a customer-based standpoint will enable the agency and insurers to protect their clients, not only by protecting their documents and communications, but by delivering their information more expeditiously. Secure and speedy service provides the opportunity to generate sales and leads.

Our insurance industry is dealing more and more with individual customers directly who have higher demands, creating a huge shift in the way we do business. This shift has also created more competition for the same customers due to large call centers and customers googling thousands of websites for insurance products every second. The challenges facing our insurance industry should be viewed as an opportunity. To take advantage of this opportunity means finding a CRM system specifically designed for the insurance industry.

The key for a great insurance CRM system is the ability to manage insured lead distribution that can track key performance measures, sales metrics, book of business, and provide a seamless onboarding and contracting process in a streamlined pipeline that is paperless and secure.  A great insurance CRM with onboarding capability will maximize the recruitment process to support the insurer’s and agencies’ demanding customers direct contact needs. The forward-thinking insurers and agencies know that having a specific insurance CRM system can deliver high-quality service to their clients and help grow their agents and customer relationship-building activities and reduce operation cost in the long run.

When you are searching for the perfect CRM system, VUE Software can configure an insurance-based CRM system configured to your insurance business needs. VUE Software’s CRM platform can organize and support the management of multiple product types, distribution channels, and agency hierarchy by managing day-to-day tasks. We can help simplify and organize your current fragmented data into simple streamlined processes by eliminating the aggravation of dealing with multiline channels. After all, the faster you can deliver the necessary answers to your customer, the faster you get the sale.


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