The Importance of Insurance Licensing Software


Automation, paperless, not having to decipher a producer’s handwriting, not having to contact an agency for missing information, no more manual entry in multiple databases, protection of personally identifiable information (PII), less human error, built in compliance … these are just a few reasons why it is important to have VUE insurance licensing software do the work for you.

Onboarding can be a lengthy process if you are still basing your systems on paper. You have to send the contracting application paperwork to producers. Then the producers have to complete the paperwork and send it back. The licensing administrator has to manually enter the data. More than 50% of the time, producers do not complete the application in its entirety or their handwriting is illegible. Then it is a matter of calling or emailing to obtain the missing information, which potentially could take weeks because producers are busy selling. PII is exposed because the paper applications are laying on someone’s desk.

1No more researching statutes and regulations to maintain compliance with state departments of insurance and the federal government, because VUE has a compliance department strictly devoted to updating business rules in the system. Using this automated system allows you to complete tasks previously neglected when adding producers to your distribution channel manually.

Appointments are automatically set up during the onboarding process so no manual entry is required for that either. To save time and money, if the insurance company uses the Just-In-Time (JIT) appointment process, the system can be configured to “pend” an appointment until the first piece of business is submitted, for those states that allow.

If you charge back the producer for appointment fees during the onboarding process, VUE Onboarding & Compliance will capture the fees by state and underwriting company so the producer can decide whether to be appointed in all or some states, to determine reimbursement costs.

How do you know if the agent is compliant so business can be accepted and commissions can be paid? In an “eligibility call,” the system goes through a series of verifications needed to ensure the producer is in good order. VUE goes through a step-by-step process for each piece of business to check for proper licensure, appointment, and product training required, if selling long-term care, annuities, or flood insurance, and if you have contracted and current E&O coverage.

VUE Onboarding and Compliance features are configured to meet your need. It’s not just a one-size-fits-all solution. VUE builds insurance systems strictly for the insurance industry, so we know the industry lingo and intricacies. This solution integrates with the NIPR so data is automatically pulled from the PDB to update demographics, licensing, and appointments during onboarding. The producer doesn’t have to scramble to find copies of licenses to enter information manually. Less human intervention = less human error.

Need to update the producer’s profile with new licenses and appointments? One click does the trick! Click on the PDB Recon button and in real time, a profile is automatically updated. Another option is to take advantage of NIPR Alerts when demographics, licensing, appointments, and Regulatory Information Retrieval Service (RIRS) actions occur. The system automatically updates changes to the producer’s profile. If the address changes from one state to another, the profile is again automatically updated and a task is created to advise the licensing staff.

Time to renew the appointment? Before renewing, automate the process and save money by reconciling appointments against production. No need to spend money on appointment renewal fees if producers aren’t actively selling.

Easily stay in contact with your producers through the Producer Portal. Producers can send the licensing department a request for an appointment, submit a change of address, or any other communication. The insurer can send updates too on the latest happenings: perhaps a contest to see who can sell the most to win a trip to Hawaii.

Tired of manually entering data all day, chasing down the producer for missing information, having to keep up with statute updates and changes among the states, a messy desk with mounds of paper, the sales manager calling every day to find out when the producer can sell? The answer is VUE Onboarding and Compliance. It is the system that will give you peace of mind and save you time and money.


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