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VUE Software helps Health insurers optimize their distribution strategy with a SaaS platform that provides:

  • the ability to reduce corporate overhead and meet mlr ratios with simplified premium billing and process automation
  • the ability to onboard new producers fast over the internet reducing cost while expanding sales
  • the ability to manage multiple product types within commercial and senior markets, both individual and group
  • flexible and dynamic hierarchy management capabilities to manage relationships with captive agents, independent producers, distributors, navigators and more.
  • provide a mobile enabled transactional portal solution for your advisors to have 24x7 access from their tablets to all the information and service functions they’ll need to be most effective in their role.

Flexible solution designed for a post-PPACA marketplace

Recruit and onboard new producers with ease

Because of the changes for PPACA, insurers will need to increase their workforce to accommodate the growing number of individual policies holders coming to the system. VUE Software simplifies the recruitment and on-boarding process with a flexible web-based solution that automates the onboarding process, ensures accuracy, and eliminates human errors to meet compliance requirements and reduce transaction costs.

Strategically reduce administrative costs

Due to the new mandates, carriers face pressure to reform both their pricing and compensation structure, causing significant changes to the role brokers and agents play in the distribution process. VUE Software supports any distribution strategy in the new post-PPACA environment with a robust multi-tiered compensation solution that can be easily configured to accommodate all new compensation plans for all producers. Since our solution is SaaS, insurers can save in implementation and maintenance costs.

Ensure compliance in a dynamic marketplace

Being compliant has always been paramount for insurers, and now more than ever in a post PPACA marketplace insurers and distributors can use tools from VUE Software to electronically recruit, onboard and manage new producers, verify their licenses, appointing, and current on C.E status to meet compliance with state rules. VUE Software solutions simplifies and automates the distribution process for health organizations from onboarding to billing with analytical reporting ensuring full compliance with state rules while increasing the performance of your distribution channel.

Integrate with States’ Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX)

VUE Software’s service-oriented architecture combined with the our Integration Manager tool and SOA protocol provides a robust and flexible framework to account for the constantly changing Federally Facilitated Marketplace exchanges or state based exchanges. United Healthcare leveraged this framework to configure the system to upload, store, manage and validate producer certifications in addition to adding a step in the producer eligibility process to check for an “active” producer certification for each policy received.

Accurate and automated billing & collections

PPACA has brought unique challenges to health organizations, especially in areas of premium billing and collections. With the introduction of Health Care Exchanges, an increase in premium billing processing has created the need for an automated solution that can optimize this task while ensuring the accuracy of the amounts billed. VUE Billing & Collection automates and simplifies the premium billing and collection process allowing insurance carriers and third-party administrators to reduce manual error, increase accuracy, reduce overhead and meet their medical loss ratios.

A Distribution platform ready for growth

Reliance on spreadsheets for mission-critical functions and outdated technology such as homegrown and legacy applications — along with various disparate databases — are major obstacles for organizational growth and ability to compete. VUE Software solutions helps carriers and distributors automate business processes with a truly flexible SaaS platform with scalable technology necessary to grow in today’s health insurance marketplace. Since VUE Software modules and tools work together to improve operational efficiencies, the solution reduces operational costs and increases the speed to react to new mandates and changes in the distribution strategy.

Empowered companies that use VUE Software solutions

  • Assurant Health
  • United Health One

Distribution Management Solutions

For Carriers

Distribution Management Suite
  • Producer Onboarding
  • Producer Management and Compliance
  • Producer Compensation
  • Agency Relationship Management
  • Producer Self-Service Portal

For Distributors

Distributor Accelerator
  • Producer Contracting
  • Agency Management
  • Producer Compensation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Revenue Reconciliation
  • Producer Portal