Ground-breaking Incentives: Start-up Health Plan Rewards Members for Prevention


With our challenging times and evolving customer needs, the time is right for health insurers to offer more innovative benefits. That’s the goal of SeeChange, a startup health insurer which offers new insurance plans designed to incentivize behavior change for both healthy and chronically ill members.

This ground-breaking incentive model was featured as “The Next Big Thing” in the health insurance segment by AIS’s Health Plan Week. This new plan model encourages insureds to anticipate and prevent illness rather than wait until they have fallen ill to get care. Instead of penalizing insureds for pre-existing conditions, SeeChange will reward patients with better coverage for the preventative measures needed to quell the escalation of the disease.

For example, Martin Watson, CEO of SeeChange Health explains, “If you have elevated glucose levels, if your cholesterol is high and it looks like you are pre-diabetic, we’ll give you richer benefits to prevent you from even getting into stage 1.”

This plan not only helps people take care of their personal health but also rewards them for preventing existing chronic diseases from becoming more serious. SeeChange is indirectly encouraging people to pay closer attention to their health and to lead healthier lives.  If this trend of preventing illness continues into the future, it could be a boon to the good health of America.


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