Driving Efficiency with VUE Premier Services


Today’s life, health, and P&C insurers rely on dynamic solutions for their complex needs and the service supporting them. Organizations look for efficient resolution to issues, feature and functionality updates, compliance adaptations, and a vast array of other actions using a predictable service delivery model. But lengthy approval processes and budget constraints are often a cause of concern to most technical managers while engaging with service delivery teams.

To tackle this challenge, we have introduced the VUE Premier Services Program provide business and technical assistance, tailored to an organization’s unique needs – maximizing the value of a relationship with VUE Software.

The VUE Premier Services program is offered in flexible packages that come with a defined number of prepaid hours to be used against standard service requests. Technical managers are freed from the tedious approval processes for both service requests and budget allocation as the service is pre-approved and pre-purchased.

Flexible Annual Services Packages
We understand the importance of flexibility for our clients. The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Premier Services packages enable customization of a resource engagement package based on their organizational needs. With a focus on delivering superior service and quantifiable ROI, the program offers flexible allocation between the Business Advisor and Technical Specialist, while also providing discounts from standard rate card prices.
Ongoing Benefits

VUE Premier Services provides significant ongoing benefits to clients through:

  • Dedicated Resources: Insurance companies rely on industry experts to ensure requirements are met. Rather than a centralized general call center for technical support, our Premier Services plans include two highly trained resources, dedicated to each account, to ensure efficient operations from both a business & finance perspective, as well as a technical perspective.
  • Business Operations Guidance: The VUE Business Advisor works with internal resources to provide strategic operations guidance, report design, and even commission cycle processing driving increased performance across teams and ensuring the value of VUE Software solutions is maximized. In addition, the Business Advisor works directly with the VUE Software product team to drive user-specified changes into the product planning process.
  • Proactive Technical Services: The VUE Technical Specialist provides growth planning, system maintenance and fine-tuning services. Should unexpected problems occur, the specialist becomes an embedded support resource able to coordinate and escalate priority access to VUE Product Support Services.

For insurance organizations seeking to increase efficiency and reduce the time to meet stakeholder requirements, VUE Premier Services provides an ideal solution.


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