Don’t be Left Behind: Using Portals to Increase Agent Productivity


Insurance Technology Best Practices: Portals

by Abhinav Dave, EVP, CTO & Practice Director, Health Care – Commercial and Senior

Technology is advancing at amazing speeds. Keeping up can be challenging. The good news is that you can capitalize on technology to secure the loyalty of top-performing producers and boost their productivity. The right producer portal solution incentivizes producers to sell more, positively impacting the bottom line.

We’ve used our extensive experience in insurance distribution along with recent observations of producer preferences to determine best practices for producer portal technology. We’ve noticed today’s producers usually expect full-fledged self-service portal technology as part of doing business. For producers who might be unfamiliar with such technology, it can generate a “Wow!” factor that’s an incentive for being active and loyal.

Without a portal, you risk losing sales because producers go where selling is easier, faster and more convenient.

5 Must Haves to increase profitability and deliver what top producers are expecting:

 1. Provide Portal Visibility

At the most basic level, producers need a full-fledged self-service portal. It provides a platform for rapid onboarding, and the user-friendly, no-hassle experience continues from there. Producers can use the portal to view their books of business, sales progress, revenue for the period, payment information, statements and more. The portal also makes it easy to run and print reports, complete clerical work such as address changes, receive service announcements and bonus program information, and communicate with the carrier. Using intuitive drag-and-drop, producers can customize views for quick reference.

 2. Give Producers Mobility

To boost productivity even more, make your portal available across mobile devices. Producers can check it when meeting with prospects to get your most recent product details and bonus plans. The ease and convenience is a tremendous competitive advantage. Producers who can rapidly bring up your information are less likely to wait and look up a competitor’s later.

3. Make Selling Fun

There’s nothing like a little fun-and-friendly competition to encourage producers to sell more. You can use game-like incentives — gamification — to communicate specialized incentive programs that invite producers to compete. Analytics and customized data displays allow producers to view their progress against their peers. Rewards are displayed with stars, trophies and other graphics.

4. Add Social Media

A message board enables producers to communicate with each other. They can choose an avatar and easily send announcements and comments, further promoting incentive programs. Producers want to collaborate and be “in the know,” and your message board is an ideal setting.

5. Make Sure it’s Secure

Producers can access the portal 24/7 from anywhere with a Web browser or mobile device. The best portal solutions are designed with secure, password-protected, role-based access. Software as a Service (SaaS) implementations using the cloud save time and effort because no installation is needed.

A portal is convenient for producers but even more beneficial for you as a carrier or agency decision-maker. By leveraging advanced portal technology such as VUE Producer Self Service Portal, you can distribute producer news, deliver marketing information and announce new products, bonus programs and sales incentives. Without a portal, producers would miss the efficiencies — and you would too!


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