Data Management Techniques Hold the Key to Customer Service Strategies


The 2013 LIMRA Distribution Conference, held in Orlando, FL came to a close last week. It was a great place to network with industry peers, discover new products, and gain useful knowledge relevant to the industry. We want to highlight our key takeaways from the event.

The conference focused primarily on life insurance companies. The theme throughout the conference was data distribution to bring focused and measureable results culminating in increased productivity.

Our main takeaway as observed by Jon Anderson, Director of Sales for VUE Software, was “data is key. After all, insurance is about data. Creating the ability to identify consumer behavior and trends ultimately will support a company’s decision-making for growth.” Apart from networking possibilities, LIMRA gave attendees the opportunity to look at different companies and technologies that can help them achieve great return on investment with “outside of the box thinking”.

The conference also had highly recognized speakers conducting seminars on hot topics in the industry. One seminar in particular caught our attention. Titled “Practically Radical,” the session headed by William C. Taylor, the Editor of Fast Company magazine, created quite a stir at the conference. The session gave an altogether different perspective towards customer/prospect strategy. The message was clear: look for different and better ways to gain clients, manage clients and service clients, even if it means looking beyond your industry.

The underlying message was that ‘technology is the future,’ and will continue to grow at unsurpassable speeds. There is no doubt about it. However, properly managing your data and your customers with the use of it holds the key to success in this industry.

Overall, it was a great conference. We hope that your experiences were great as well. Let us know what they are. You can leave them as comments here.


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