Customer Relationship Management – Since Inception


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is widely acknowledged for empowering users to streamline marketing and sales processes and make users more productive by being customer-centric.

Today, many companies are leveraging the capabilities that this technology provides. It plays a pivotal role in serving as the impetus to driving sales performance in many industries, including insurance. But few of us know exactly how this tool came into existence and gained prominence over time as highly utilitarian to business growth.

This CRM Software History timeline by Lauren Carlson captures the journey and the evolution of this product category spanning three decades. The interactive graphic is uniquely and very well done, and the developments in CRM’s history are easy to follow. She admits to gaps here and there due to the sheer size of this undertaking; nevertheless she should be credited for taking up this onerous task.

If you think you can contribute to improving or updating the timeline, you’re more than welcome to do so. Click here to send in your responses and we’ll forward them to Ms. Carlson.


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