City of Coconut Creek Broadcasts Computer Solutions and Software’s Office Expansion


We are very excited at the office expansion of Computer Solutions and Software International (CSSI). The prospect of business growth is always a good thing and we are looking forward to improving year over year. Launched in 2003, VUE Software line of products has been the primary growth drivers for CSSI. VUE Software has now grown into many channels and works with insurance companies, brokerages and third party administrators to fill a variety of different needs. The company is extending the work space to accommodate the growing head-count.

The city of Coconut Creek has highlighted the office expansion of CSSI with a video posted to their homepage and YouTube page. The city chose to spotlight CSSI because this expansion will bring new growth and opportunity to the area, create several new jobs and add value to the office’s location, Lyons Technology Park.

The video has interviews of me and Stephen Bruno, President and CEO, CSSI. You’ll hear us sharing our views on topics such as the ideal office location, the benefits of being in the city and the greater surrounding area, and the expansion project.

You can take a look at the video below.


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