Are Insurance Companies Adopting Producer Lifecycle Solutions?

I have spent the last 20 years or so watching and helping in the evolution of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The journey began while at the largest telecommunications company on the planet, running a team of seasoned architects. Our purpose was to map out the long-term application strategy for the infrastructure. During one of our… Read more »

by Charles Jankowitz2018

Producer Management in the Era of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Producers or Agents have been a part of the insurance distribution landscape for over 100 years. The role of the agent as a sales representative, customer service representative, in client management, as a business advisor to the carrier, and many other roles make the agent the king-pin, if you will, of getting insurance products into... Read more » by John Sarich2018

Medicare Advantage: 2018 Trends for Carriers, Agents, and Agencies

2018: the year of External Sales Agencies and Agents. In previous years, many Medicare carriers invested in growing internal call centers and internal sales teams. With the time and resources spent building complex team structures and internal hierarchies, carriers who had not planned well diverted attention from valuable agencies and agents. At a recent conference… Read more »

by Wesley Gillis2018

The Future of Agent-Carrier Relationships Lies in Self-Service: Interactions for Progress

A few years ago a large career focused life client, was seeking to expand their business and bring on agents in a training capacity and move them up a sales ladder. In this development approach to grow and maintain a sales force, the producers gradually proved themselves, became eligible to sell more products, and were… Read more »

by Roger Lavine2017

SILA’s Annual Conference for 2017: Why You Should Attend

We constantly monitor the insurance industry landscape by keeping track of our ever-changing insurance regulations and technology environments so that our clients don’t have to. One way of doing that is by attending industry events.  So, what are the big advantages of attending an insurance conference? Three big reasons: grow your personal and professional network,... Read more » by Gloria Camacho2017

Who Exactly is the NIPR and What Do They Really Do?

Many people confuse the NIPR with the PDB. They think the terms are interchangeable. In fact, though, one is the organization and the other is a database of producer information. The NIPR or National Insurance Producer Registry was incorporated in October, 1996 as a nonprofit affiliate of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). One… Read more »

by Karen Machamer2017

Insurance Automation: A day in the life of an Insurance Compliance Manager

Does the following sound familiar? Read on to see if this is not reminiscent of your world today. Rest assured; there is a better solution. You come to work and immediately see a stack of paper on your desk. You haven’t even had your first cup of coffee. The paperwork has been faxed by prospective… Read more »

by Karen Machamer2017

Insurance Compliance News: Services May Be Suspended at The Office of the Insurance Commissioner in Washington State

On the website for the Office of the Insurance Commission for Washington state, there is a link that takes you to details about a possible suspension of services beginning July 1, 2017.  The reason for the suspension is due to the Washington State Legislature not yet approving state operating and capital budgets for the 2017-2019… Read more »

by Karen Machamer2017

#IASA2017 Conference – It’s That Time of the Year  

As sure as night follows day, so does IASA follow the Grand Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. Someone reading this right now is scratching their head wondering what the heck IASA has to do with Berkshire Hathaway. Well friend, scratch away. In the event that you are familiar with IASA and not Berkshire here is the… Read more »

by John Sarich2017

Meet VUE Software at the 37th Annual Caribbean Insurance Conference

Each year, the Insurance Association of the Caribbean Inc. (IAC), hosts an annual conference, the Caribbean Insurance Conference (CIC), attracting more than 600 attendees from 38 countries, from the insurance and financial industries. This conference offers a collaborative forum for Caribbean insurance regulatory authorities, insurance educational institutes, actuaries, and other groups with interest in the… Read more »

by Margaret Livermore2017