Blue2Blue Roundtable – Helping Blues Achieve better Business Insight


Selling health insurance is a highly personal and individual endeavor that requires an organization-wide commitment to outstanding customer service. But when it comes to tools for managing customer relationships and sales and marketing activities, many health plans are behind the curve. Progressive insurers know that there are many benefits to be had by systematically streamlining sales, service and marketing activities with Microsoft® Dynamics CRM.

Mindful of the strategic advantage that health plans can reap via CRM, Microsoft has invited BlueCross Blue Shield of Vermont (BCBSVT) to speak at a roundtable for Blues Plans to share how they were able to better manage marketing campaigns and lead generation after integrating VUE Compensation Management with Dynamics CRM using VUE IncentivePoint.

During the roundtable discussion, BCBSVT will share how they have synchronized information between sales, service and marketing teams to enhance customer service and launch full-scale marketing campaigns with detailed tracking. “We are well-positioned to take our customer service strategy to the next level” said Dennis Cahill at BCBSVT.

Most importantly, as BCBSVT moves into the future, CRM will provide better business insight to improve sales performance – a real game changer when it comes to customer service and enhancing the results of marketing and sales activities.

The roundtable, which will be held on February 24th at 1:00PM EST, is by invitation and is open only to Blues plans. For more information or to request an invitation to attend, send an email with subject line “Blue2Blue”. We are excited for our wonderful client BCBSVT to be featured at this informative peer to peer virtual event.


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