Did the Insurance Industry Expect Google Compare to Close its Doors?

The news regarding the failure of Google Compare is on everyone’s tongue. Some industry watchers believe it’s a temporary setback whereas insurers who saw them as a viable threat are cheering silently. In the INN article entitled “Why You Shouldn’t Expect Google To Give Up On Insurance,” Nathan Golia referenced Ellen Carney of Forrester as… Read more »

by Margaret LivermoreMarch 4th, 2016

Mobile Enabled Portals: The Wave of the Future for Regional Life Insurers

From our vantage point at VUE Software, we have seen a 300% increase in regional Life insurers seeking new systems. Many are in the process of starting or enhancing their agency channel while others are seeking to streamline their compliance processes to reduce cost. Either way, the focus to use new technology to build enduring… Read more »

by Roger LavineFebruary 16th, 2016

How to Overcome Operational Challenges when Introducing New Technology

By Bhagwati Maheshwari, Practice Leader at VUE Software. Humans are resistant to change. Once they find a comfortable way of performing a task, they dislike the thought of changing that process. A recent Novarica survey found that operational—not technical—challenges are the top concerns for CIOs. They are more concerned about their employees embracing and using… Read more »

by Bhagwati MaheshwariDecember 14th, 2015

Q&A: Wealth in Health: The Current State of Healthcare M&A

By John Sarich, Vice President of Strategy, VUE Software. Here are my comments featured in ‘Axial Forum’ Industry Insights White Paper “Wealth in Health: The Current State of Healthcare M&A”. Offsetting costs through M&A has also become more important because with the ACA, the market has had to restructure health plans by increasing co-pays and… Read more »

by John SarichOctober 30th, 2015

Improving your Producer Satisfaction Rating

I am often asked what the drivers are behind a prospective insurance company’s interest in our distribution management solutions for carriers and distributors. In my experience, the primary drivers are mainly centered around operations and performance improvement. Operationally speaking, due to the increasing complexity of distribution strategies, insurance companies are seeking to increase the capability... Read more » by Eric BustosSeptember 10th, 2015

Q&A: How will technology affect the role of insurance brokers?

By John Sarich (@SarichJohn) Vice President of Strategy, VUE Software Here's a response featured in 'LifeHealthPro Incubator Blog' that I gave to a question posed by Sean McCormick, a sales consultant with Unum. Meeting the Challenge Technology already is rapidly changing the way that brokers and advisors work on winning new business, retaining clients, and delivering innovative products and services to the... Read more » by John SarichAugust 5th, 2015

Small Health Plans: Establish Customer-Focused Compliant Processes to become the Leader

By Nidhi Saxena, Project Manager, VUE Software For the last half decade or longer, the smaller senior care providers have been plagued with limited revenue, CMS monitoring rules, MARx automation, and a patchwork of manual and weak automation solutions as the political fate of Medicare Advantage hung in the balance. Predictions of increased participation, a... Read more » by Nidhi SaxenaJuly 29th, 2015

Why the commission process is still a long way from being a well-oiled machine?

With the long history of insurance companies paying compensation to agents, one would think the commission process would work like a well-oiled machine. But the challenges in compensation are becoming more evident as the insurance industry transforms itself into the one-stop financial supermarket for all types of insurance.

by John SarichJune 24th, 2015

Agents Unite!! Don’t Sell White Paint

In our last blog we discussed the reality of insurance companies lining up to be in the “Google Exchange.” And we noted that when insurance companies enter into an “exchange,” they pretty much relegate themselves to competing on price and price alone. When you compete on price alone, all your differentiation goes out the window and you are now in the selling white paint business. And, for an agent, selling white paint is a losing proposition.

by John SarichJune 5th, 2015

My Experience at E-Reg 2015

I had an opportunity to attend the annual e-Reg conference in Kansas City, Missouri this past April. When I got back and debriefed my team members on what I learned, I realized that two main themes mentioned were HUGE, but were not emphasized so that everyone could feel the ramifications. 

by Elaine JoggerstMay 26th, 2015