Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Makes Fitness Program Available to More Missouri Seniors


Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 5:36AM

With the economy barely inching towards recovery, now is a time for health care insurers to be innovative. To stand out in a crowd of comparable coverage options, providing more services for the same expense has never been more important. One insurer who has taken this approach for many years is Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Missouri. Their cleverly named SilverSneakers® Fitness Program was developed in 1992 to address senior citizens’ wellness needs. Now, the company is expanding the program, says a press release from the company:

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Missouri will expand its current partnership with Healthways, Inc. to offer the award-winning SilverSneakers® Fitness Program at no additional cost to Anthem Medicare Preferred Standard and Anthem Medicare Preferred Select members in Missouri beginning January 1, 2010 1.

Understanding and catering to the interests of beneficiaries is one of the primary aspects of success in the health plan market. Anthem BCBS should be applauded for listening to and addressing its members’ needs. “More than ever, older adults are recognizing the benefits of regular physical activity and that’s why we are giving our members access to an innovative fitness program designed to meet their physical and social needs”, said Krista Bowers, president of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Senior Business.

In addition to happier, healthier members, Anthem BCBS is helping to keep health care costs down. “A 2008 CDC-funded study found that members who participate in SilverSneakers are admitted to the hospital less often and have lower overall health care costs. In member surveys, nearly 70 percent of SilverSneakers participants report improved overall health.”

It’s great to see health insurers embracing member benefits that will positively and directly impact their beneficiaries’ quality of life while also contributing to lowered healthcare costs.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Expands SilverSneakers® to Additional Members in Missouri


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