Advanced Solutions for Today’s Growing Medicare Marketing Challenges


Plan Sponsors in the Senior Health Market – insurers that market and sell Medicare Advantage, Med Supp and Part D plans face unique challenges when marketing and providing successful CMS enrollments of their products. Primarily these challenges stem from the need to meet the regulations outlined in the Medicare Marketing Guidelines (MMG), verify CMS eligibility, and pay agent/broker commissions in a timely manner and according to CMS regulations.

In turn, advanced technological solutions are needed to overcome these obstacles and help agents, brokers, and agencies facilitate the process at hand: providing Medicare policies to the qualified and disabled  who require  it. Agencies also face the need to manage the regulatory guidelines around marketing and selling Medicare  products  while paying commissions according to CMS regulations. In many cases, the process is piecemeal and manual. Advanced solutions can increase efficiency and reduce costs around managing the sales and marketing process. Such solutions will facilitate the reduction of non-compliance, help agencies to prepare for new CMS regulations and guidelines, and provide ad hoc reports to facilitate CMS audits.

VUE Software’s solution allows plan sponsors to not only exceed the CMS requirements but also meet the Medicare Marketing deadlines. The solution also helps  plan sponsors to achieve the 5 Star rating they seek by reducing complaint tracking module (CTM) cases. This solution will allow plan sponsors to give agents, EMO’s, FMO’s and brokers pre-approved CMS templates to use for presentations. Currently, training is often handled manually and  takes precious time because the training materials may be located in different areas on sales web sites, folders, or SharePoint sites. VUE Software-provided portals keep brokers on track with their training renewals and materials. VUE Software offers advanced solutions to meet the needs of an ever growing and changing healthcare market.


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