The Future of Agent-Carrier Relationships Lies in Self-Service: Interactions for Progress

A few years ago a large career focused life client, was seeking to expand their business and bring on agents in a training capacity and move them up a sales ladder. In this development approach to grow and maintain a sales force, the producers gradually proved themselves, became eligible to sell more products, and were… Read more »

by Roger Lavine2017

It’s a War Out There: InsureTech’s to the Rescue?

One of my pet peeves is the one-dimensional approach of technology companies when selling their particular “solution” to an insurance carrier. You can see this clearly if you look at the hundred plus insurance-technology vendors, mostly start-ups, that make up the phenomena known as “InsurTech.” These new faces in insurance technology can tout their particular… Read more »

by John Sarich2017

How an Insurance Specific CRM System can Transform your Businesses?

The Insurance business is very different from any other corporate business. Not only is it distinct in nature, but it’s a highly regulated industry, requiring a system that is secured in the way information is stored and distributed. The insurer and the agencies must follow laws and regulations specific to our industry. So why aren’t… Read more »

by Gloria Camacho2017