Online Billing Improves Customer Relationships


The need for insurers to offer online services that appeal to consumers is picking up momentum, and could well become the differentiating factor between success and failure in strengthening customer relationships.

“Customers—particularly Gen X and Y customers—want online services and they expect your company to offer a range of services online,” noted Mary Art LIMRA research director, technology in marketing and distribution research. According to the research titled “Connecting for Service Online: Customer Service for Life Insurance”, customers are interested in obtaining a wide variety of online services, with billing information, e-mail and mailing address updates, forms access and policy information high on their list.

Billing Information

Superior user experience is one of the primary requisites of the current generation of policy holders. VUE Software now offers a dynamic solution that automates the premium billing and collection process, and allows insurance carriers and third-party administrators to deliver online billing, while offering a great user experience: VUE Billing & Collection Management.

The solution enables greater control over your company’s billing statements and enrollment processes. You’ll have the ability to seamlessly retrieve policy information and generate and disseminate accurate bills with one integrated technology platform. Online access for policyholders and third-party administrators reduces dependence on in-house customer service personnel and improves client satisfaction.

Apart from ensuring accurate and timely billing, the solution provides additional value through:

  • Reduced operation costs
  • Improved customer service
  • Higher retention rates
  • Superior medical underwriting performance

Learn more about VUE Billing & Collection Management here on the website, or register here for a free product demo.


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